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About Salava Photography

We are Jan & Rochelle, a team of two photographers. We care and want the best for you.

Who is Salava Photography team?

We are a real couple -from 2nd December 2021 husband & wife.

Jan is a former newspaper editor from the Czech Republic (now in charge of putting this text together) and when it comes to your photo shoot, he is a naturally calming element with a fly-on-the-wall approach to photography.

Salava is Jan's surname often confused with a few different English words with a similar word base. Jan /yan/ is originally from the Czech Republic and the surname Salava is probably derived from the personal name Salamon by adding the suffix -ava, which is the German form of the Hebrew personal name Š (e) lomá (h), translated as peaceful. Peaceful fits Jan very well.

Rochelle, on the other hand, is the conductor of the shoot with a strong Pit Bull mentality (hopefully she won't read this), fighting constantly for the best outcome for you. She is the one at weddings who will tackle iPhones, Uncle Bob's camera and Aunty Mary's iPad to ensure she captures your first kiss. Rochelle will not hesitate to ask the celebrant to "kiss" "one more time" if the shot has been missed due to such occupational hazards.

Our approach to photography

Jan is





Rochelle is








More about Jan
More about Rochelle
  • left the Czech Republic in 2012 to improve his English
  • swapped editorial job in a news publishing company in Prague for hard work in commercial kitchens around Sydney
  • met Rochelle and his temporary visit to Australia became a permanent stay
  • found enjoyment in taking photos and became reasonably good at it
  • in his free time, he will most likely enjoy reading a good book
  • started helping her father - a photographer from the age of 6
  • studied photography at University
  • had a rock star dream before she met Jan and started living a dream with him
  • developed a high level of customer service whilst working with celebrity chefs such as Matt Moran at Aria Restaurant Sydney, Guillaume Brahimi at Guillaume at Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House and Peter Gilmore at Quay Restaurant

Jan & Rochelle Salava

Professional Photographers

"An Accredited Professional Photographer is a photographer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process."
Australian Institute of Professional Photography
We both have earned accreditation from AIPP. Unfortunately, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography has been forced to announce the closure on 11/11/2021 after unprecedented financial pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore for the future, we look with pride on our professional accreditation as our former achievement.

Trust me, when I am saying that she is passionate about the best outcome, I mean it.

Rochelle studied photography at University and will guide you through every detail, explaining what, when, how and why a photograph should be taken in this or that light. Well, you don't need to listen to everything she is saying, just remember, she has the best intention with your wedding day in her heart.

Rochelle and her partner Jan were so amazing for my wedding day. Very professional, flexible and more than anything personable! They made our day even more special and got photos of everything we asked for and more! I’m very impressed with how the photos turned out. 10/10 would recommend 💕🥰

- Sarah Carr

Rochelle is an extroverted, bubbly person who was born into the world of photography with a camera in hand - her father was a photographer and Rochelle's first early childhood memories are connected with helping her father develop black 'n' white negatives.

Jan is an introverted, easy-going photographer, who loves authentic, candid moments. He will photograph you without you realising you even are being photographed. Jan developed his sense for good photography probably in his editorial role in newspapers, or is it just a natural gift he has been born with...?

We care

Early on our photography journey, we decided that our level of care should be what sets us apart.

That's the reason why we always photograph together - to minimize the risk that something could go wrong. Therefore two photographers are not a luxury, it is our standard.

Knowing that our photographs will be with you for the rest of your life gives us the responsibility to deliver our work to you in the best possible form.

Our clients appreciate the flexibility to personalize their packages based on their needs. They also love the option to print their photographs with us using the best print supplier we could find.

We live in a world where everybody has a camera, there has to be something else that helps you choose your photographer.

Feel relaxed and be proud

Our objective is to make you feel at ease & relaxed during your photography session. We will naturally capture the essence of a special occasion for you. We want you to fall in love with your pictures and hang them on the wall in your home with pride.

These moments captured during your session can stay with you forever in the form of beautiful wall art, prints or albums and you will be able to share these memories with the people you love most as time goes on.

We don’t take this responsibility lightly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why are we doing photography?

Your photos from us can live with you and your children far behind the lifespan of your latest post on social media. We offer photography products that you can't accidentally delete from your phone memory or computer hard drive. Imagine touching the photographs you love and imagine the excitement of your grandkids seeing in future photographs that you are so proud of today. Imagine the family gathering around the table with your wedding album 20+ years from now.

We love the feeling of creating something really special for you and your family. That's what motivates us to work weekends. We love the happiness that photography can bring to our lives when we create with you something you will appreciate for a lifetime.

We don’t photograph only weddings, portraits and events. Check also our work at

Why is photography important to you?

You are probably about to get married or you want to hire a professional photographer for your special event. But why are photos so important to you? The power of photos in our lives is huge. Often we don't even realise it.

How to grow the value of your photographs

Photos connect you with your past

Jan's grandfather was so proud to have a grandson but sadly he didn't get too much time to enjoy life with his grandchild - Jan. Without the few photographs of Jan with his grandfather, his grandfather would be a caring person he heard about without a face for Jan. Thanks to photography people can connect much better with those they couldn't meet or remember.

Photos freeze special moments for the future

This is a story from the time when Australia was on the long path to recovery from the Great Depression when a love story started. Two people were engaged and they decided to put the stamp of "officiality" on their love. They got married in a registry office.

There is almost no evidence of this humble wedding because the newlyweds were not in a position to hire a professional wedding photographer during those tough times.

The bride and groom saved and bought tickets to visit the Melbourne ZOO to make their wedding day special and that was a lucky decision. There was somebody with the camera who was kind enough to take the only wedding photograph of the new husband and wife. The bride and groom in this photograph are Rochelle's grandmother and grandfather...

True Love Story

Those two stories are our personal examples of why is photography important to us. You may have a similar or different story - but if you value photography the same as we do, you are in the right place.

Photography today: Easy to take, easy to lose

We live overloaded with mobile phone pictures. Mobile photography is like fast food. Quick, easy and addictive. Take a few happy snaps on your phone, post them on social media and...scroll... and your images are lost in the feed. As fast as they were created, they disappear at the same speed. Many people see this cycle as an unavoidable part of technological progress. But there is a better way...

We're here to help!

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