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We are Jan & Rochelle, a team of two AIPP accredited photographers with two completely different styles of photography who work well together to capture & tell the story of your special occasion.

(Btw. we are also engaged so, if you are getting married, we know how excited you feel right now!)

Jan is a former newspaper editor from the Czech Republic (now in charge of putting this text together) and when it comes to your photo shoot, he is a naturally calming element with a fly on the wall approach to photography.

Salava is Jan's surname often confused with few different English words with similar word base. Jan is originally from the Czech Republic and surname Salava is probably derived from the personal name Salamon by adding the suffix -ava, which is the German form of the Hebrew personal name Š (e) lomá (h), translated as peaceful. Peaceful fits to Jan very well.

Rochelle, on the other hand, is the conductor of the shoot with a strong Pit Bull mentality (hopefully she won't read this), fighting constantly for the best outcome for her clients. She is the one at weddings who will tackle iPhones, Uncle Bob's camera and Aunty Mary's iPad to ensure she captures your first kiss. Rochelle will not hesitate to ask the celebrant to "kiss" "one more time" if the shot has been missed due to such occupational hazards.

Our approach to photography

Jan is





Rochelle is








Jan & Rochelle

Who is an Accredited Professional Photographer?

"An Accredited Professional Photographer is a photographer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process."
Australian Institute of Professional Photography

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

Trust me, when I am saying that she is passionate for the best outcome, I mean it.

Ask Rochelle, what she did during a blackout that happened during the reception at a venue, on our client's wedding day. The answer is the ultimate proof of her dedication.

Rochelle studied photography at University and will guide you through every detail, explaining what, when, how and why a photograph should be taken in this or that light. Well, you don't need to listen to everything she is saying, just remember, she has the best intention with your wedding day in her heart.

Rochelle and her partner Jan were so amazing for my wedding day. Very professional, flexible and more than anything personable! They made our day even more special and got photos of everything we asked for and more! I’m very impressed with how the photos turned out. 10/10 would recommend 💕🥰

Sarah Carr

Rochelle is an extroverted, bubbly person who was born into the world of photography with a camera in hand - her father was a photographer and Rochelle's first early childhood memories are connected with helping her father develop black 'n' white negatives.

Jan is an introverted, easy-going photographer, who loves authentic, candid moments. He will photograph you without you realising you even are being photographed. Jan developed his sense for good photography probably in his editorial role in newspapers, or is it just a natural gift he has been born with...?

Have you heard enough about us to be sure that you are in good hands? If you would like to know more or check our availability, feel free to contact us.

No? Need to read more? Okay then..

Our goal is to ensure that you never forget your special memories and we want you to feel stress-free leading up to and on your wedding day.

Stress-free? A wedding! Ha!

No not the wedding, just photography. We would like to take that stress from you.

Planing a wedding starts with a lot of questions and a long "things to do" list, it has been described (by one of our couples) as stepping on a minefield. Even the most organised couple can feel anxious about one or all of their decisions.

Now that you are on our page, you might be up to the part of choosing your wedding photographer.

Seriously, where do you start?

Are you searching online for best photographer in Sydney?

or...Top 10 photographers in Australia?

or... how to find a good wedding photographer? questions to ask your photographer?

How many photography websites have you seen before ours?

We may not fit as the best answer to all your questions, but...

We care and we want to take the stress off your shoulders.

Everybody can say that, right?

It is time to get to know us a bit closer.

There is one more thing we would like you to think about...

How to grow the value of your photographs

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