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Testimonials & Reviews

This is feedback from our happy clients collected in form of written testimonials or reviews on different sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and others.

Dear Rochelle and Jan,

we can’t thank you enough for everything that made our special day so memorable.
I was very nervous about photography as I’m not a very photogenic person and rather shy. When Rochelle first made contact I was put straight at ease her passion was obvious and I was sold immediately.

I really loved it when we all met up at the gardens, David and I loved them when we first went and could see the potential. Although watching Rochelle take it all in was a delight I loved showing her and Jan the different places and seeing the creative side got me even more excited.

On the day the groomsmen had the best time saying they felt so at ease and loved every minute of making fun of the groom. There was so much laughter which is evident in the photos. When the team turned up for the brides photos we had a fantastic time with reveals.

There were so many quirky little things like adults as our flower boy and ring girl. My dress having a secret rainbow dress and of course the hidden jokes in our vows. These precious little moments were all caught with great care and attention to detail. Made even more magical by our location as well Jan and Rochelle’s artist eye I felt like a fairy princess.

The album that you both made for us was so beautiful it’s not just an album but a feature piece of our house. Having the choice of everything made it so exciting and it came perfect exactly what we wanted. The styling was excellent and the choices of photos really captured our whole day every emotion from start finish.

We both had so much fun with you guys and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you both so much for everything.

David & Ashley Shirley

Hornsby, NSW

David & Ashley

To Rochelle and Jan,

“To create something exceptional your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the small details” Giorgio Armani.

As a designer of custom wedding gowns for the past 14 years I live and breathe this quote and I seek other artists with a similar perspective to their profession.

It was a true privilege to be able to have the opportunity to not only be involved in your past two photoshoots but to work alongside with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team was a dream!

Your photoshoots create an atmosphere of fun, excitement but also dedication to your craft in terms of planning, on site research and learning which far exceeds my expectations and the finished product is nothing short of perfection! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you have done and continue to do and I can not wait till our next photoshoot.

Sasha - Owner & Designer

Sasha Belle BridalSasha

Dear Rochelle and Jan,

your professionalism, direction, style, and charisma was everything we needed for our wedding day to be made even more magical. You took control and provided guidance that made our wedding captured so naturally as it was. Our friends and family have been asking us who did our photos as they are so impressed. I put all my faith and trust in Jan and Rochelle and couldn’t be happier.

We didn’t know it at the time, but my husband's father was sick and he passed away a few months after the wedding. Rochelle and Jan captured the very last photos of him that were so heartwarming. The pictures of him from the wedding were used on his memorial card in which hundreds of people took home and remarked how happy and proud he was at the wedding. You also captured a few other photos of him having the time of his life, dancing and covered in cake.

We now look back on the wedding photos in total awe of how perfectly the mood and atmosphere was captured. We can’t thank you enough for being there and just knowing instinctively what we needed. We will always remember our special day and are so blessed to have come across such a wonderful couple, Rochelle and Jan.

Sarah & Nigel

Belmore, NSW

Sarah & Nigel

To Rochelle and Jan,
thank you for the absolutely amazing job you did for our wedding. You completely understood and fulfilled the "brief" and then went above and beyond to give us really exceptional service for an amazing price.

You captured the essence of our celebration - which was all about family, friends and joy. You caught the spirit of the night perfectly. Your photos are all highly professional, natural, candid and beautiful and there are so many of them!

You are a very talented, hard-working and lovely pair of professional photographers who put your heart and soul into your work and get fabulous results. We can’t thank you or recommend you highly enough and wish you all the success you so richly deserve.

Philippa & Karen

Wombarra, NSW

Happy Marriage

Dear Jan and Rochelle,
organizing a wedding is a minefield. Organizing a secret wedding, somewhere you have never visited, 9,500 miles away - on the other side of the world - where the bride, groom & celebrant are the only attendees increases the difficulty, stress, and worry during the decision making processes.

Whist marrying the way we did, we still wanted to make sure that we and our family & friends – not just in the UK, but all over the world were able to see & remember our happy day. We wanted photos!!! & then we found Jan & Rochelle! Wow!

From our very first email, to booking Salava Photography, followed by a lengthy Skype call with Jan & Rochelle, they allayed any overriding fears that we had about any of the choices we had made.
On our wedding day, Jan & Rochelle went above and beyond what we had anticipated or expected. Their enthusiasm on the day, whilst remaining professional and focused on their work, made for an amazing portfolio of photos.

Given that this was their first photoshoot for a wedding, on a small boat in the middle of Sydney Harbour, with only the bride & groom as subjects, they have given us more photos than we ever expected, accompanied by a video with a soundtrack to our day that evokes all the emotion of the day & the relationship we as a couple have. Taking us into Luna Park afterwards was ingenious!

Would we recommend Jan & Rochelle? Most definitely. Friendly, engaging & professional the whole time. Everything we were promised was delivered & more.
Thank you both for everything you did before, during and after our special day.

Steven & Liz - Mr & Mrs Golding

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Steve & Liz

We would like to thank Rochelle and Jan,

from Salava Photography. They are not only outstanding professional photographers but have also become incredible friends of ours. Over the year leading up to our wedding, they took time out of their week and weekends to help us come up with exceptional ideas to capture our love for one another.

The photos on our wedding day were so effortless as we felt so comfortable with them. They not only made us laugh and smile but also our guests. We can not thank Rochelle and Jan enough for travelling from Sydney to Airlie Beach without hesitation.

Our photos are sensational, we can not believe how fast we got them back and how many photos we received. Thank you again Salava for capturing our love for one another, we honestly couldn't of found anyone better than you both.

Hannah & Jamie

Jamie and Hannah

Rochelle and Jan,

What could we possibly say that hasn’t been said before us!

Id like to start off by saying thank you, Thank you, Rochelle, for calling me that day many months ago, for spending the better part of two hours on the phone to me, talking me through the steps I needed to take to make my wedding easier to handle….

Thank you for listening to my concerns, both with photography, but life….
Thank you for being a sounding board in the months leading up to the big day!!!
I woke at 9 am on the 14th of September 2019, today was it! Today I was finally going to marry the love of my life, the man I had waited a lifetime for!!
I was excited, I was scared, I was all the emotions in the middle of those to polar states!

But, then showed up Rochelle and Jan, they instantly had a plan and direction. They were both professional yet understanding that we were both scatterbrains and trying to wrangle both our young sons…

We did a family photoshoot first, followed by our wedding. Both Rochelle and Jan were a blessing, Jan Is a ninja with the Natural photos, just when you think no one is watching, he pops out of nowhere!!!

And Rochelle, no man, women or child will stop her from achieving her perfect shot!!!
Aaron and I Highly recommend them!
We will happily book them again for the renewal of our vows in a few years to come.

It’s with the most respect and love that we both thank you!

Lucy Sarah Cannon & Aaron Cannon

Berkeley Vale, NSW 2261

Lucy & Aaron

We hired Salava Photography to photograph our wedding and we could not be happier, from when we first met with Rochelle and Jan, they were so friendly and outgoing.

They helped us come up with creative and fun ideas that we never could have thought of without them. We received all our photos faster then we expected and could not wait to show them of to our friends and family.

We then got to design our wedding album which Jan and Rochelle helped every step of the way. We were absolutely stunned when we received our album, with the craftsmanship along with the beautiful photos, we show it off to everyone who enters our home. We highly recommend Salava Photography to anyone looking to capture a special moment and we are so thankful we trusted them with ours.

Greg & Rosie

We did quite a bit of research and even though we were aiming for a smaller (and lower budget) wedding, we decided not to save money on a photographer. If you think about it, what’re you gonna have in 20 years? Blurry memories, your rings and... pictures! Out of a few finalists, Rochelle and Jan just hit it the right way from the very beginning. Our first call was very surprising to me, it felt like talking to very good friends, who just accidentally happen to know a thing or two about photography. All the questions and worries I had just seemed to disappear and the best way to describe my feelings was: don't worry, they know what they’re doing. You can truly appreciate the confidence, especially in the middle of the wedding-planning frenzy. You see, you think you’re buying a photographer... right? Well, with Salava photo guys, not only are you getting two awesome photographers, but also a piece of mind, that everything is going to go smoothly and naturally, and you don't have to worry about anything. Truth is, I barely remember anybody with a camera shooting in my face. I do remember, though, a funny girl dancing around and making people smile. On the other hand, Jan's quiet nature makes him blend in into the crowd and take pictures unnoticed, a pure pro paparazzi. And do not get mistaken, behind all that is their final work, the pictures. And the pictures are just awesome. I'm sure the first thing you would do is to check their portfolio and see for yourself. You definitely should. My biggest worry was a possible rain during the wedding ceremony, and as you may guess, it eventually really did rain. If you ever tried to take a photo on a rainy cloudy day, you know what I'm talking about. To my total satisfaction, that's where Jan's and Rochelle's professionalism and experience shine. The result is cute and mild, even romantic pictures with a charming atmosphere. There are plenty of good photographers out there, but with these guys you are getting more: friendly, natural atmosphere, smooth ceremony and photo shoot, and amazing professional pictures to look at on your 20th anniversary. - George Lamberthill

We were BEYOND happy, B.E.Y.O.N.D I say!!! Beyond pleased and impressed from start to finish with Salava.
We were trying to coordinate from 2 different countries which concerned me, but because Rochelle is so organized, so professional and sincerely listened to our needs, She made all my wedding dreams come true by capturing all the special moments on our day. They had exceeded our expectations. Their creatively, and ability to utilize the surrounding landscape/location made us SHINE on such an important day. She sent me GORGEOUS edited pictures within a couple of hours. The true surprise was when our USB with all of our pictures arrived in a beautiful wooden keepsake gift box. I get emotional every time I look at our pictures, they are truly "picture perfect" in every single way. - Big Boss Lady C.

We engaged Salava Photography for our recent wedding. From the start they were enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly. They understood our needs and their costs were very reasonable, especially for the quality and clarity of the photos. Rochelle and Jan were wonderful to work with, were non-intrusive and the photos were way beyond expectations. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! - Chris Nelson

Jan and Rochelle truly are amazing and super talented. We are not used to being in front of the camera, but Jan and Rochelle made us feel at ease and some how managed to make us look like we belonged in front of the camera. Their positive, relaxed, fun energy is super contagious. which made it all the more enjoyable as we bounced off each other bringing our laidback carefree nature into the photos. The photos they created were absolutely beautiful and completely us. They captured all our emotions and memories of our special day, in a way that was natural and true to our way of being. Thank you Jan and Rochelle. x - Natalie Smith

What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Jan and Rochelle! They captured our wedding day and have blown us away with their work. Both so easy going and fun, they made the entire experience enjoyable, whilst still being completely professional! Would recommend 100%! - Mark Neve

Rochelle and Jan were absolutely amazing and made us feel so at ease.

Rochelle had amazing communication skills and spent a lot of time with me on the phone answering question (even before I had booked them).

They took the time to get to know more about us before the day.

I felt it ran so smoothly because they already knew what we wanted.

They took our needs and wants into consideration and gave us a custom package suited to us and our wedding day.

I appreciated this so much as they didn't just fit us into an existing package.

I would definitely recommend this dynamic duo, Jan is the silent assassin and Rochelle is the bubbly front man. They compliment each other in the most amazing way.

We have only seen sneak peaks from our big day and can't wait to see the final edit.

We can't Thank you both enough! - Laura Watkinson

Salava Photography is without a doubt the best photography experience you could ask for. Rochelle and Jan are the best pair of people you could meet, they made the whole experience so enjoyable, Rochelle even tailored the whole shoot to everything I could ask for and want. Very helpful and response time is amazing. The final results are breathtaking, looking forward to using them again in the future, definitely would recommend! - Lucas

Rochelle and Jan were excellent, due to restrictions and weather the session needed rescheduling and they were very flexible. They brought professionalism and a great personal touch to our session and having seen the results they captured exactly what we asked of them I would strongly recommend them. - Mike

Awesome photographers! Amazing photographs! Just Perfect! - Tanya Crisafulli

Rochelle and Jan were excellent in capturing all the pivotal moments in our Hindu wedding ceremony. With many different rituals, they were able to professionally capture the essence of the wedding. They were easy to deal with, incredibly professional and very accommodating. I recommend them without reservation. - Kash

Thanks again for everything! You are a delight to work with Rochelle, the photos are fabulous! We are so appreciative you stayed on the extra time to capture the prize winners at our event. That was so kind of you both! Highly recommended!!!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Stephanie Moon

Could not recommend these guys enough! Their work is phenomenal and they are just all round easy going, lovely people. Their professionalism is next to none whilst also keeping everything fun. Salava Photography have made my special day even more memorable! - Samantha

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Jan and Rochelle for their amazing photography work for my Engagement Party. They were amazing people to work with and every pivotal moment there was they were there ready to capture it. I highly recommend to use them they are a great team and perfect to work on any event. So responsive and easy to talk to! Thank you so much for everything! - Crystal Cardenas

So professional and lovely. Our photos are amazing, we highly recommend Salava photography. - Rebecca

My fiancee and I loved the photography work that Jan and Rochelle did for our Engagement party. They got us the photos back so quickly since my fiancee was excited to see them and we were able to enjoy them by Christmas! They were so punctual and you can really tell that they are all about capturing the perfect photo for the perfect memory. We are so happy with their work, they are the best team to work with! Thank you, guys! - Kosta Cotsonis

A family shoot can either be amazing or awkward and embarrassing, thanks to Jan and Rochelle we definitely got amazing. The pre shoot call was perfect and every thought of theirs captured the moments we were after. They are an amazing team, easy and fun to work with and we had a blast. Looking forward to working with them again. - Chris

Jan and Rochelle are amazing. I will no doubt be reaching out to them to photograph many more milestones in the future. They have done an amazing job delivering so many beautiful photos from my special day in just 1 hour. From the first interaction until the end, I have had nothing but pleasant and fun experience. Communication - they are responsive, attentive, pleasant and just overall fun people to work with. They will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Deliverable - their work is amazing.high quality. My photos were ready in under 1 week and they are just magnificent. Pricing - for two amazing photographers, I think their pricing is so reasonable and affordable. I believe they are worth more than they charge (to be honest)! Skills - I told them what I want and they delivered works that are more beautiful than I even imagined it would be. Rochelle will go over and above just to get the perfect shot (even if it means shooing people away - she will stop at nothing). She will direct you on how to best set up the shot and she has this eye for details. Jan is a calming presence and will quietly find the best perspectives to capture amazing photos. He no doubts too have an eye for details as he observes the environment on how to best capture the moment. It was so easy and fun to work with both of them. Thank you so much Jan and Rochelle. More power to you both! - PMC

I had my maternity photoshoot with Salava photography and I am very pleased with my choice. Jan and Rochelle were amazing. They really guide and looked after me during my session. They captured my special moment so well, my photos look so natural, so pretty and so unique.... I love them all. I can't choose which one is better then the other. Thank you Salava Photography. - Jessica Prakash

Rochelle and Jan are incredible! They were so fun and made having a photoshoot (which would normally make us so nervous) much more relaxed!

They endured freezing cold weather, rain and running water to get our perfect shots!

Highly recommended !!!! Thanks so much for our perfect photoshoot!! - Trudie

5 Star review if I could put more I would!! My husband and I cannot recommend Rochelle and Jan enough, beautiful people with an amazing talent that delivered photos that completely exceeded our expectations! Thank you for capturing our special day so wonderfully! - Krystal Dunn

Rochelle and Jan from Salava Photography, We just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. You were great with your directions and the photos turned out Amazing. We love them! The photos are so natural and you have captured our overwhelming feelings from the day. You guys were so quick to send us some photos on the same day of our wedding to keep us tied over, and the delivery of the remaining images was sent to us so promptly that we didn’t expect them to arrive so soon, even the presentation of the post delivered USB stick in the little wooden protective box added a special touch that we can treasure. For people who don’t do well with photos and can be quite introverted, you both made us feel so comfortable on the day and we had so much fun with you both. We will be looking to use you again for our next milestones and we will be recommending you with no hesitation to anyone looking for a great photography team. Thank you again, couldn’t have asked for anything more. ❤️ - Kristina

Rochelle and Jan were awesome. So friendly, positive and funny. The service was above and beyond which made the difference. Thank you so much :) - Khouloud Altinawi

Rochelle and Jan are true professionals. Such a lovely seamless experience ... highly recommend using Salava Photography - Paul Martin

Jan and Rochelle are absolutely amazing and their photography skills are incredible. I am so grateful for our wedding photos and can't wait to work with you again in the future. - Hayley Rankin

Jan and Rochelle captured our special day perfectly. I had high expectations based on their portfolio and they didn't disappoint. Not only were they professional but they are extremely friendly and make you feel comfortable the entire time. Couldn't recommend more! - James Rankin

Rochelle is an absolutely amazing photographer, she called me within 2 hours and discussed what I was thinking. Made me feel validated - the other quotes I received got were just generic prices and inclusions via email. She listened to me and my needs and quoted a highly competitive price. We had SO MUCH FUN with Rochelle & Jan on the day of the shoot. We now have amazing photo's and memories we will cherish forever... and if we need a photographer for engagement/wedding in the future - I will be on the phone to her straight away! I'd give her more stars if possible! Thanks, guys, we'll see you later in the year for a family shoot! xx - Jayde M

Highly recommended!...5 stars for Salava Photography. Very professional and amazing photographers. You will never regret choosing them to capture special moments in your life.

Great communication from booking until delivering the service.. Thank you Rochelle and Jan! - Gwen Lozanes-Horner

Rochelle and Jan are the most skilled photographers I've ever met. We booked them to shoot our wedding reception and even though I saw only a few photos (as we are waiting for the rest to be processed), I can safely say they have amazing skills! Rochelle is very friendly, forthcoming and easy to deal with. She is also very open, straightforward and you always know what to expect. Thank you again for all your amazing work! Keep at it, you guys are great at what you are doing. - Ksenia Wilcox

- Janelle

Rochelle and Jan from Salava Photography, We just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. You were great with your directions and the photos turned out Amazing. We love them! The photos are so natural and you have captured our overwhelming feelings from the day. You guys were so quick to send us some photos on the same day of our wedding to keep us tied over, and the delivery of the remaining images was sent to us so promptly that we didn’t expect them to arrive so soon, even the presentation of the post delivered USB stick in the little wooden protective box added a special touch that we can treasure. For people who don’t do well with photos and can be quite introverted, you both made us feel so comfortable on the day and we had so much fun with you both. We will be looking to use you again for our next milestones and we will be recommending you with no hesitation to anyone looking for a great photography team. Thank you again, couldn’t have asked for anything more. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - Charlotte & Kristina Repic

- Stacey

Rochelle and Jan did an amazing job with our photo shoot! We couldn't be more happier with the photos, and the experience from first engagement to the end has been very professional and on point. Very highly recommended! - Charlie Noovao

We hired Rochelle and Jan for a family photo shoot on the beach to celebrate my daughter's second birthday and they did an amazing job! We all had a great time and felt relaxed, and got lots of guidance on good poses and locations so that we could get the best images possible - even though it was a pretty windy and cold day and my daughter was sick! The end results were amazing, Rochelle and Jan managed to capture incredible natural lighting and our relaxed family dynamic. We had too many good images to choose from, which is rare with big group photos, and Rochelle helped us a lot with the printing process, which was very reasonable. We will definitely use them again and can't recommend them highly enough. - Fiona Macdonald

Salava Photography with Rochelle and Jan has been a very positive experience right from the first phone call to enquire about their photographic service. Our family had some special requests, which were easily met on the day by Rochelle and Jan. We had a fun afternoon, which was reflected in the fabulous photos produced by the couple. There was such a comforting feeling as Rochelle and Jan fulfilled our requests confidently and courteously. I would not hesitate to recommend these professionals to complete your photographic needs resulting in such a wonderful outcome for us with great memories of a great day and photos to show our family and friends. - Robyn Foy

Excellent, They were very nice and the photos were amazing. Would definitely hire again. - Evangelina

I was lucky to find Salava photography for our family photo shoot. They captured beautiful images of our family with my mum for her 75th birthday. Rochelle was prompt to get in touch, provided all the info I needed, chatted with me about the family, discussed shots and location. Rochelle and Jan worked fantastically together to capture the most beautiful shots and had us all smiling and laughing, feeling at ease. I cried watching the gallery to the music they set it to music just beautiful. I highly recommend booking Rochelle and Jan. - Karen

Beautiful people, very professional and amazing photos! - Laura Tanner

Rochelle and Jan, You are simply AMAZING! You really are more than photographers. From the beginning through to the end you offered endless support, advice and guidance. On the day itself we felt in safe hands and it was like having two friends there with us! Your experience and professionalism shone through, allowing us to relax and have the best day of our lives! You are seriously talented and genuinely love what you do! You have captured memories of our special day we will cherish forever and for that we can not thank you enough. We wish you all the success, happiness and love for the future. - Tammy and Steve Tough

Our first family photoshoot with Salava Photography and couldn’t ask for a better experience these guys are awesome love your work. - Kobi

We had great photo shoot with Rochelle and Jan. They made my daughter feel really comfortable so the shoot was fun for all of us and the resulting photos are beautiful, something we'll treasure! It was great working with them both. Thank you. - Anna Fox

- Fefe

Rochelle was an absolute joy to work with. She is a fine professional with a wonderful engaging temperament. The turnaround time was quick and in no way affected the quality of the photographs we received. Great job, thank you. - Ian

We are very happy with the result. Photographers are a lovely couple. - Mohsen Fadaee Nejad

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