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How to grow the value of your photographs

How to grow the value of your photographs

What is the value of photography? How do you measure it? Not many people ask themselves these questions before a booking a photographer. This can then cost you a lot of additional money you will have to spend, to get something more valuable.

You can (quite easily) lose all images from your wedding, in the worst-case scenario.

We live in the age of fast technology development and many people are taking advantage of that, which is great. There is however one huge risk in using technology in the wedding photography business.

The risk is USB.

A lot of photographers, including us, offer to clients digital-only packages - where the final "product" in the clients hand is a USB with digital files from the wedding day. As comfortable as this option looks, we feel a responsibility to warn you!

USB is a device which can and will fail in the long run.

Nobody knows how long USB's will be around. They will probably have the same destiny as audio cassettes or DVD's. Many people focus on their next Facebook profile image or an Instagram story when they are planing the use of their wedding photographs - and that's ok.

But your Instagram story will disappear, your Facebook images will be pushed out of your timeline with fresh content and where will be the USB with the images from your wedding 10-20 years from now? Furthermore, how will you upload the images to show your grandchildren 50 years from now?

Isn't the purpose of photography to be looked at?

There is nothing glamorous about staring at the USB stick however there is something very special in browsing through the pages in a beautiful wedding album. The value grows over time.

  • What is the privilege for only the best photographs from your wedding?

To become a masterpiece on the wall in your living room as a newly married couple or maybe a breathtaking group shot of all family members in the hallway in your parent's house.

The value of photography grows every day

The value of your photography grows every day, each time you move from one place to another, every time you want to show your children, where is the foundation of mum and dad's love, every anniversary with your loved one.

Let me ask the most important and simple questions I believe there are on this topic...

  • How much would you value looking at your wedding photography with the love of your life 50 years from your wedding day?

I assume the emotional value of those photographs would be extremely high, wouldn't it?

  • Sorry to ask this, but how precious will your wedding photos be after someone from your family passes away?

You might say that this is an inappropriate question but the reality is, that our time on this planet is limited. And the answer - those photographs will become priceless.

This is why we are in the photography business. We want to protect the value of your special moments in life for you.

It doesn't matter, if you blinked during your wedding vows or if there was a hailstorm during the reception of your outdoor country wedding. What matters is, that there was somebody there, who captured the emotion of the moment and protected your memory for future generations.

Many people can solve the first part of the problem - who will capture my wedding? An even more important question to answer is - how will the value of my photographs be protected for the future?

We have found a supplier who can deliver products in such quality that photographs of our couples are protected for a lifetime. Our supplier has a lifetime guarantee on their products - if you handle them appropriately.

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