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Albums, Wall Art & Print Pricing

Albums, wall art and prints from us are premium-quality photography products you will treasure for a lifetime.

Portrait Album

A 13x9.5" custom-designed album with 30 of your favourite photos.

Additional photos in your portrait album$75 per photo
* + GST on all album orders
*shipping included
Event Album
A 13x9.5" custom-designed album.

40 pages (20 spreads) in any style.

Additional event album spreads$150 per spread
*+ GST on all album orders
*shipping included
Wedding Album
Additional wedding album spreads$250 per spread
*+ GST on all album orders
Parent Album
An exact replica of your main album in a 12x8" size.
*+ GST on all album orders
*shipping included

Wall art is available in acrylic or canvas, metal or a matted print in a 2cm black or white frame (Ornate framing is priced separately)

Popular Wall Art Sizes
About Our Wall Art

*more sizes available
Wall Art Collections

Includes canvas, metal, acrylic wall art.

Collection 1
Collection 1
1x 40x40"
2x 19.5x19x5"

Collection 2
Collection 2
1x 40x40"
4x 19.5x19.5"

Collection 3
Collection 3
3x 20x30"

Collection 4
Collection 4
1x 60x25"
3x 19.5x19.5"

 Collection 5
Collection 5
2x 42x19.5"
2x 19.5x19.5"

Collection 6
Collection 6
1x 60x16"
(Made up of 5 photos in one print)

Collection 7
Collection 7
1x 40x60"
3x 19.5x19.5"

Collection 8
Collection 8
2x 40x40"
2x 25x25"
* + GST on all wall art orders
*shipping included

Our print products are of the highest quality and are designed to last a lifetime.

All orders include an online or in-person design consultation where together we create beautiful, custom-designed art to match the style and furniture in your home.

Matted Prints
individual of either 10x15"/11x14"/12x16"$470
* + GST on all print orders
*excludes framing, canvas, metal or acrylic options
*each print is delivered in a high-quality mat
Custom Framed High-Quality Mats

8x10" mat (5x7 print)

10x10" mat (7x7 print)$300
11x14" mat (7x10 print)$350
12x12" mat (8x8 print)$375
14x14" mat (10x10 print)$390
12x14" mat (8x10 print)$400
12x16" mat (8x12 print)$420
15x18" mat (11x14 print)$440
16x16" mat (12x12 print)$570
15x20" mat (11x16 print)$540
18x18" mat (14x14 print)$610
24x24" mat (16x16 print)$800
24x28" mat (16x20 print)$875
23.5x31.5" mat (16x24 print)$950
28x28" mat (20x20 print$1015
27.5x31.5" mat (20x24 print)$1315
31.5x31.5" mat (24x24 print)$1220
31.5x37.5" mat (24x30 print)$1260
28x38" mat (20x30 print)$1290
38x38" mat (30x30 print)$1570
31.5x43.5" mat (24x36 print)$1730
38x48" mat (30x40 print)$2180
38x53" mat (30x45 print)$2370

*Choice of lustre, glossy, deep matte or fine art archival print, certified to last 300+ years, in a high-quality mat, black or white custom-frame with UV 70 glass and a plastic-coated stainless-steel hanging system. Ornate framing quoted separately.
+ GST on all print orders

About Our Prints


Custom-designed Photobox with 15 5x7" prints + USB

+ Mats$375

Additional Photobox prints

$50 each
Additional Mats$25 each
* + GST on all print orders
* all prices are subject to change

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