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Photography retouching

Standard retouching is included in all of our packages. Advanced retouching can take the overall appearance of your hero image to another level. It is extra attention and care that can be added to the photographs which are extra special to you.


Each photograph taken comes to life raw - unedited. It is our privilege and responsibility to carefully sift through all of those files and decide which ones will make it to the next stage.

Colour correction

This is the editing standard for all of the selected images from your event - each file is hand cropped/straightened if required and edited with colour correction, white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation and fill light adjustments plus standard retouching.


Colour corrected, hand-edited images included in your package are great looking and suitable for printing. If you need more from your photography you might consider moving forward with advanced retouching.

Standard retouching
Our standard retouching includes the removal of simple stray hairs, soften wrinkles and skin blemishes.
Included in all packages.

Advanced retouching
Includes any complicated changes such as braces or tattoo removal, whitening of teeth, brightening of eyes, dodge and burn for light balance, glass glare removal, face, hair or eye swaps, solid background replacement, colour change, body sculpting, the removal of objects or other.
Quoted separately at $125 per half hour.

Standard vs. advanced retouched photographsretouched imagecolour corrected image

Standard retouched photo (on the left side)

Colour correction plus standard retouching is included as part of our packages.

Advanced retouched photo (on the right side)

Advanced retouching is an additional service quoted separately.

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