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Retouching is available after you received your images edited with our standard global adjustments.

All of our clients receive the same standard edit. If you feel you need more from your photography you might like to proceed with retouching. Retouching is quoted separately based on your specific requests and the additional time required for us to provide that for you.

Put your retouching request in writing after you have received your photos and we will provide you with a quote after we have both had a chance to look at what is involved.

Retouching requests include:

  • the removal of facial shine
  • softening wrinkles
  • simple stray hairs
  • skin blemishes
  • whitening teeth
  • brightening of eyes
  • dodge and burn for light balance
  • braces removal
  • glass glare removal
  • face, hair or eye swaps
  • extend solid background
  • solid background replacement or colour change
  • basic liquifying (changing face, neck or body shape)

Price for retouching

$165 + GST per file

Colour-corrected photo vs. retouched photo

retouched imagecolour corrected image

Colour correction (left) is a standard part of our packages.

Retouching (right) is an additional service quoted separately.

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