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Portrait Photography Pricing

Are you committed to creating beautiful artwork? So as are we. Let’s meet at your portrait session and choose the best frame for our creation together.

We want you to feel relaxed during your session and excited after it. Good photography takes time and it would be a shame to lose or delete your digital files. For that reason, we are offering you a choice of custom-made print products to order after your portrait session.

Hyde Park Sydney Portrait
Portrait photography from $550

Pre-Session Consultation
Here we discuss your portrait session in more detail and personalize your photography coverage.

2-hours complimentary travel
from Sydney CBD

Portrait photography by Jan & Rochelle
Two AIPP accredited professional photographers.

12-Month Print Store Access
You will receive an email with a link to an online print store within 14 business days.

Design Session
Your print product design session is set within 2-4 weeks of placing your order.

Shipping is free on all print orders.


These photography products and services are also available.

When you choose Salava Photography you choose Jan & Rochelle to be your photographers.

We take pride in the photography we do and for that reason, we never send anybody else to take pictures on our behalf.

There are companies, which will send to you their contract workers to take pictures on behalf of that company, but that's not us. We always work together and we will always be the ones you will see taking pictures at your portrait session.
The final selection of the images from your portrait session is our responsibility. We aim to show you the best out of your portrait session therefore not every image taken can be selected.

No photographer in the world can take a perfect photo every time he presses the camera trigger. We all make mistakes, we all shake, we all are testing if a certain idea will work or not. People are blinking their eyes and all subjects in our environment can act unpredictably and ruin our photo idea.

For all those reasons we do the final selection to make sure that all selected images are our minimum and above technical and artistic standard. Images that don't meet our standards are not selected. Those are mostly duplicates or near-duplicates, unflattering images, closed eyes images or out of focus images.

The judgement of photographs is subjective and therefore each person may have a different opinion on the image selection. The final selection will represent us, therefore it is at our discretion to choose those photographs and show you the best out of our work.

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