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A wedding is an important milestone on the path through life for every couple. We always feel honoured to be selected as the wedding photographers for a such special occasion.

Why is event photography pricing (usually) different from weddings?

We are for full transparency when it comes to wedding photography pricing, therefore we don't hesitate to show you our full wedding photography price list below. In our opinion the fact that you like our wedding photos should stand before the price when you are choosing your wedding photographer.

1 hour$750
2 hours$1250
3 hours$1750
4 hours$2250
5 hours$2750
6 hours$3000
7 hours$3250
8 hours$3500
9 hours$3750
10 hours$4000
11 hours$4250
12 hours$4500
13 hours$4750
14 hours$5000
15 hours$5250
*Prices include GST
*Prices are in AUD
*Prices are subject to change

What is included?


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P.S.: Saturdays are by far the most popular days to get married. This is a friendly reminder that there is only 4 Saturdays in a month. If you have picked your favourite photographer and you prefer to get married on a Saturday, do not let somebody else take your date before you...

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