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Proposal Photographers

If you're in Sydney, Australia and you're looking for a proposal photographer, we're a great choice.

We know how to help you plan your surprise and make sure we capture this pivotal moment through our cameras.

"Rochelle and Jan are incredible! They were so fun and made having a photoshoot (which would normally make us so nervous) much more relaxed! They endured freezing cold weather, rain and running water to get our perfect shots! Highly recommended !!!! Thanks so much for our perfect photo shoot!!"


Chat before you book

Choosing a photographer for the proposal is not easy. To boost your confidence and make sure that we will be a good fit for each other, part of our process is a pre-booking Zoom meeting. Everyone who will be part of this meeting will have a chance to ask questions, get to know each other, understand how we work with our clients, and what is and isn't included in your package.

As the outcome of this Zoom meeting, you will be well informed about what to expect if you choose to move forward with us.

We have a plan for your proposal

Your proposal may be your first and last in your life but not first or last for us. Don't worry we have a plan which was tested many times before your proposal - without fail.

Your secret is safe with us

When you tell us about the surprise you are planning for your partner we keep that only between us. We do communicate carefully about your upcoming session to prevent an unwanted breach of the secret.

Who will do your proposal photography?

You may think for "safety reasons" that proposal photography is a gig for one photographer only. We are always working together.

Our way of doing a proposal photography session allows us to work together without increasing the risk that your surprise proposal will no longer be a surprise. How do we do it? Schedule an obligation-free phone call to find out.

Left knee. That's the proper way how real knights would kneel, and show respect, deference, and surrender. However, if you decide to kneel down on the right knee by choice or just by accident it may be your way of showing that you are less traditional (or just stressed).
Be yourself. There is full internet of example sentences designed to help you when proposing. But the person who you are proposing to knows who you are. It is nothing wrong with finding inspiration but it is also nothing worse than getting lost in a sentence that is too long to remember at the moment when you may be so nervous. Take inspiration if you need to but talk like yourself. Your partner likes you for who you are.

Proposal on a Boat

When to propose the best photography result?

Unless the time of day for your proposal has special meaning to you as a couple, the best light for photography is in general (in the clear sky weather day) in the morning - before is the sun too bright and harsh or late in the afternoon before the sunset.

Where to propose?

The place for your proposal is a personal choice, however, we recommend planning the spot for your proposal with advice from your photographers. Do they have enough space to capture the scene of the proposal without interrupting you? Is the spot easy to access? Will they fall off a cliff?

We photographed:

List of proposal ideas is endless. What is your ideal place for proposal?

Why choose us?

The right photographer has to be somebody who you will feel good to have around in such an emotional moment as a proposal. If you find that special connection with us great.

What more do we do to make your experience special? We offer our high-quality print products. You can order an album (an example is here), wall art or framed matted prints. We want you to have the most beautiful tangible gift from your proposal.

But - the main reason to book us is the fact that we care. Nothing else is above that even though it sounds like a cliche. Call us and find out yourself.

Would definitely recommend them for your proposal/engagement or wedding. Rochelle and Jan captured our proposal. They both worked incredibly hard to ensure everyone was on the same page with what the plan was and provided suggestions on how to make it even more special. - Josh Wooldridge

How much does proposal photography cost?

Pay only for what you need

Everybody has different needs. Our proposal photography pricing is structured in a way that allows you to find the right solution for you.

You choose the number of hours you need us for. You choose if you need your images only in form of digital files or if you want to print them.

Not everybody wants to print their proposal photos - we understand - but if you do, we can promise you the best printing solution we have been able to find.

Proposal Photography Pricing


  • Two photographers (Jan and Rochelle)
  • Approx. 100 full-size digital images per hour
  • A black & white digital copy
  • An online pre-session consultation
  • 12-month online gallery/print store access
  • 1-hour on-road travel from Sydney CBD
  • Typical 30-day turnaround time
  • Delivery via Dropbox
1 hour$500 + GST
1.5 hours$750 + GST
2 hours$1000 + GST
3 hours$1500 + GST


$500 + GST per hour

Optional Add Ons

*Prices and services may change without notice.

NSW Destination Travel

For locations 1 hour + outside of Sydney CBD travel fees apply:

  • $50 + GST per hour for every hour on the road.
  • $250 + GST per night accommodation allowance for locations 2 hours + outside of Sydney CBD.
When you choose Salava Photography you choose Jan & Rochelle to be your photographers.

We take pride in the photography we do and for that reason, we never send anybody else to take pictures on our behalf.

There are companies, which will send to you their contract workers to take pictures on behalf of that company, but that's not us. We always work together and we will always be the ones you will see taking pictures at your proposal.
The final selection of the images from your proposal is our responsibility. We aim to show you the best out of your proposal therefore not every image taken can be selected.

No photographer in the world can take a perfect photo every time he presses the camera trigger. We all make mistakes, we all shake, and we all are testing if a certain idea will work or not. People are blinking their eyes and all subjects in our environment can act unpredictably and ruin our photo idea.

For all those reasons we do the final selection to make sure that all selected images are our minimum and above technical and artistic standards. Images that don't meet our standards are not selected. Those are mostly duplicates or near-duplicates, unflattering images, closed eyes images or out of focus images.

The judgement of photographs is subjective and therefore each person may have a different opinion on the image selection. The final selection will represent us, therefore it is at our discretion to choose those photographs and show you the best out of our work.
We accept the following payment methods:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Direct Debit
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
After you pay the deposit for your proposal photography you have 14 days where you can change your mind and ask for your money back with no strings attached.

Ready to book a photographer for your proposal?

How to book

Zoom chat

A Zoom call is a great opportunity to decide if we are a good match. We will discuss your proposal plans in detail and create a personalised quote and coverage guide for you.

Secure your date

To secure your proposal date in our calendar we need a 30% non-refundable booking fee and a signed copy of our booking form at the same time.

Pre-proposal online consultation

Closer to the date, we will check in with you again to go through your proposal day thoroughly to make any amendments, answer any questions and finalise the details for your booking.

Booking confirmation

The balance payment is due 4 weeks before your proposal to confirm the booking.

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