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Sydney Event Photographers

We are Sydney event photographers ready to document your personal or corporate milestones and achievements.

We are a team of two professional photographers.

We will help you as:

What do we do at your event?

You are looking for an event photographer because it is important for you to have your special occasion documented by a professional.

You want a certainty that whoever will be photographing your event will do it with a high level of professionalism and care.

That is exactly what we do - we document your event today for you and those who will see your pictures tomorrow and in the future - that is a commitment. We approach every event with this commitment in mind.

Why choose us for your event?

There are many photo-worthy moments taking place at the same time at every event. Having two of us working together at your event is an advantage and you will benefit from it. And that is only one reason why we could be the right fit for you.

There are many other reasons but you should start by looking at our event photos and know your why.

How much does event photography cost?

Look at our event photography pricing page. If you would like to discuss your plans, schedule an obligation-free phone call with us.

Ready to book an event photographer?

What will happen next?

Phone chat

We all will have an opportunity to decide if our personalities and ideas are a good match. We will discuss your event plans in detail and create a relevant offer for you based on the information provided.

Secure your date

If you decide to accept our offer, you can secure your event date in our calendar by paying a 30% non-refundable booking fee. Until the booking fee is received your date is open to all inquiries.

Pre-event online consultation

During this consultation, we go with you through your event day thoroughly to make sure that we know all foreseeable details.

Booking confirmation

Your booking is confirmed after you pay the balance payment of your booking. (No later than 4 weeks before your event).

Everything is ready for your event day.

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