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Farewell with your loved one is a unique occasion that you may require to be captured by a photographer. We can provide funeral photography in Sydney for you.

We have decided to provide a funeral photography service because we understand the importance of this special event for you.

A funeral is a circumstance that may be emotionally challenging. But it is also a tribute to someone's life. And we want you to have a beautiful memory of it - because that someone was so close to your heart.

We are a team of two professional photographers who always work together. Two photographers may look as too much for the discrete event as a funeral is. However, the opposite is true.

When two people photograph an event, they have less need to move around to cover the whole event. Less movement = more discrete work, fewer interruptions.

Photographing a funeral is not like any other event. It requires more than understanding photography, it requires understanding people and compassion.

Both Rochelle and her partner were wonderful. Unobtrusive, caring and very sensitive to our family during my Uncles funeral. Recommend them very highly and will use their services again. Thank you - Allison

How much cost funeral photography?

We charge for funeral photography our standard event rate.

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