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Sydney Wedding Photographers

We are two professional Sydney wedding photographers. Our personalities are different and so is our approach to photography. You can benefit by getting the best of both worlds.

Who are we?

We are Jan & Rochelle and you'll have both of us at your wedding. Our photography styles are determined by our personalities. Our strengths and characteristics are described in more detail on our about us page.

What type of wedding photography you can expect?

You can expect a mixture of Jan's authentic candid photographs and Rochelle's fun and traditional photos with guidance where needed.

We photograph all wedding types and sizes - from small registry weddings to big weddings with whole-day wedding photography.

Where do we photograph weddings?

We are based in Sydney - therefore wedding photography in Sydney is our main source of wedding photography work.

We are flexible to travel everywhere

If you are hesitating to contact us because we might be too far from where you are planning your wedding, ask us first. Read also our standard travel fees information.

We do not hesitate to travel to help our wedding photography clients. We photographed weddings from places in Victoria all through the New South Walles up to Queensland.

Our experience & passion

Two key ingredients for your & our happiness. You want to know that your photographers know what they are doing and we want to enjoy doing photography.

We are doing wedding photography together since 2017. Most importantly - we are not afraid to photograph in any location, venue or weather. Is that the sign of experience you are looking for?

We are passionate about wedding photography - and photography in general. You may witness that passion on your wedding day - and trust me that we discuss photography a lot even after your wedding is finished.

Wedding photography price

On our wedding photography pricing page, you will find details and coverage inclusions you may need. My advice is: always make sure that you are comparing apples with apples.

A price is just a number that is useless without details. So pay attention to the details if you are looking for value.

Why should I hire you?

The simple answer is: If you like our photography, then you should hire us. We love to work with people, who love the type of photography we are doing. We believe that this is the only right reason, why you should hire your photographer. Other reasons for hiring a photographer can lead to misunderstandings, tension or disappointment from the results of the shoot.

There are other reasons which could make us your favourite Sydney wedding photographer. Maybe you want more from your wedding photographer than just digital files on USB.

What is more than USB in today's digital world? A great thick wedding album - a beautiful photo book created with you, for you by us. Or wall art for your home - a piece of art you will have to find a prominent space for on your wall.

Our testimonials & reviews

If we will write that we are the best wedding photographers for you, you will run away - and you should. However, if you have time to go through the testimonials & reviews of our happy clients, you can find where the real value is in hiring us for your wedding.

Jan and Rochelle truly are amazing and super talented. We are not used to being in front of the camera, but Jan and Rochelle made us feel at ease and some how managed to make us look like we belonged in front of the camera. Their positive, relaxed, fun energy is super contagious. which made it all the more enjoyable as we bounced off each other bringing our laidback carefree nature into the photos. The photos they created were absolutely beautiful and completely us. They captured all our emotions and memories of our special day, in a way that was natural and true to our way of being. Thank you Jan and Rochelle. x - Natalie Smith

What will make you love your wedding photos?

Even the best wedding photographers need one thing - a wedding couple in love. I didn't read that anywhere, I just think that love is the most important ingredient in getting ready for your wedding. No matter what camera is pointing at you on your wedding day, true love will make you love your wedding photos.

I shouldn’t probably say this but - even though photographers can do a lot with photos, you have the main power to make your photos magical.

A simple example of this magic is a little printed photograph framed on Rochelle’s desk. It is a photo of me and her on our first date. That photo is taken from a weird angle and doesn’t follow any rules of good photography. But it captures love. You can see it. Love makes magical photos. We (photographers) are just helpers of love. That's my philosophy... Do you want to be our wedding couple?

What do we do?

What will you be left with after your wedding?

We are photographers who decided to provide more than just pixels on a computer screen to our couples. Our main focus is to give you a physical product as a lifetime reminder of your wedding day. Our high-quality wall art is designed to last a lifetime.

Wedding venues

If you are wondering if we have photographed in the venue you have booked for your wedding, know that we are confident to photograph in any venue. It is important to mention that we are also covered by public liability insurance which some venues require from wedding vendors.

More answers about our wedding photography

To help answer some of the questions you may have, we have put together a frequently asked questions page. We are also happy to answer any more questions if you wish to schedule an obligation-free phone call.

Ready to book a wedding photographer?

Why do clients choose us for their weddings?

We ask that question often. Here are some of the answers from our clients: the end, it was between you and one other photographer. He was a little bit cheaper however when we put yours and his photos side by side we just couldn’t justify going with him.

We are all about good feelings when choosing vendors for our wedding and the chemistry was there with you guys from the first phone call.

I was initially looking for someone a little bit more local, but I just couldn’t get that phone call with the photographer from Sydney out of my head and I came back to you because it felt right.

You had really great reviews.

Everybody in your wedding photos looks happy and relaxed. We could tell that they were comfortable with you.

We asked our celebrant on the Northern Beaches about you, he said - If you asked me to recommend a photographer, it would have been them. Rochelle and Jan are awesome, you can book with confidence there.

You photographed my friend's wedding and they couldn’t stop showing me your photos.

We saw how you work at my cousin's wedding and we just knew you are the right photographers for us.

You were the first people we thought of because of what you did for us during our surprise proposal
I looked at your photos on your website just after I got engaged and thought "wow!" I really liked your photos because they looked beautiful and magical. I showed my fiance straight away and said: I really want to go with these guys! that's why we chose

We chose you because of the quality of the photos. When we read your email we felt an instant click with you. Another photographer was recommended to us but their work looked outdated. You also had amazing reviews.

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