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Sydney Wedding Photographers

We are two professional accredited Sydney wedding photographers. Our personalities are different and so is our approach to photography. You can benefit by getting the best of both worlds.

We are Jan & Rochelle and you'll have both of us at your wedding. Our photography styles are determined by our personalities. Our strengths and characteristics are in more detail described on our about us page.

We provide a mixture of Jan's authentic candid photographs and Rochelle's fun and traditional photos with guidance where needed.

How do we help before the wedding day?

Planning your wedding day looks hard. Especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. No, we are not wedding planners, but we help our clients with:

  • Wedding photography time schedule

So many things on your wedding day need to be coordinated properly and it can be overwhelming. In the following table are usual photography requests for different stages of your wedding day.

Photography included in a typical full day wedding
Groom getting ready
Bride getting ready

Yes, you need getting ready photos if you wish to have the complete photo story of your wedding day. Skipping this part of wedding photography may look like a good saving tip financially. However, there are so many meaningful moments that can be photographed during this time of wedding preparation with your parents and bridal party. For this reason, we do not recommend skipping getting ready photos.
Quality photography takes time. We recommend at least 1-2 hours for the girls getting ready photos and a minimum of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for boys. There are many factors involved in scheduling time for getting ready photos - e.g. a number of people present. If you are getting ready with just your closest friend obviously the photography part needs less time than getting ready with a big group of groomsmen or bridesmaids and parents.
Getting ready detail shots Photography of the wedding rings, wedding flowers, shoes, sentimental details.

Bridal reveal Photography of parents seeing the bride or groom for the first time.

First look The bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for the first time.

If you don't believe that it is bad luck to see your partner before the ceremony, then the first look is an opportunity for beautiful emotional photos. The wedding couple also has a rare opportunity for few private moments before the public part of the wedding day.
Ceremony Photography of the wedding couple, guests, wedding vows, the ring exchange, speeches or religious rituals and hugs and congratulations after the ceremony.

Both options have pros and cons. An outdoor ceremony is a great way to commit for life in a stunning wedding location. An indoor ceremony is a safer bet if you are expecting a thunderstorm on your wedding day or wish to have a religious indoor ceremony. Confident photographers can shoot in rain and use it to their advantage to make photos look soft and romantic. An enemy for your outdoor ceremony pictures is wind. For example, hair blowing over your face during your ceremony will interrupt the magic moment and lower the quality of the photos.
Family portraits Important photographs with close family members, relatives and friends.

We recommend allocating 1-2 minutes per group photo. Family photos are usually taken after your wedding ceremony at the same location. If the time has not been scheduled correctly for these important photos you will lose time out of your bridal shoot.
Bridal shoot Wedding portraits of the bridal party & bride and groom after the ceremony.

Reception Photos of the reception venue, wedding cake, wedding decorations. Photography of bride and groom entrance, first dance, speeches, cutting the cake and documenting the entertainment during the reception. Bride and groom leaving the venue.

During our pre-wedding consultation, we are looking at your day with you and go through the timesheet of your day with the goal to ensure the best photography outcome for you. Don't worry if you don't know where to start - we do.

If you are planning a small wedding or elopement, check this page.

  • Wedding tips & photography tricks

We'll talk with you before your wedding about your worries, questions or insecurities and offer our advice based on our experience. Your wedding will not be our first one and you may find our advice valuable.

When it comes to photography tricks - the majority of the wedding photos we take are captured in a documentary way without interrupting the natural flow of what is happening. However, you may appreciate help or expert advice which will affect how you will look in your photos. Some people who are not familiar with being in front of the camera may feel anxious or nervous. Do you need some help with posing? That's all part of our job to make you look your best and feel comfortable.

Why should I hire you?

The simple answer is: If you like our photography, then you should hire us. We love to work with people, who love the type of photography we are doing. We believe that this is the only right reason, why you should hire your photographer. Other reasons for hiring a photographer can lead to misunderstandings, tension or disappointment from the results of the shoot.

There are other reasons which could make us your favourite Sydney wedding photographer. Maybe you want more from your wedding photographer than just digital files on USB.

What is more than USB in today's digital world? A great thick wedding album - a beautiful photo book created with you, for you by us. Or wall art for your home - a piece of art you will have to find a prominent space for on your wall.

What will you be left with after your wedding?

We are photographers who decided to provide more than just pixels on a computer screen to our couples. Our main focus is to give you a physical product as a lifetime reminder of your wedding day.

Wedding photography pricing

On our wedding photography pricing page, you will find details and coverage inclusions you may need for comparing us with your other options. My advice is: always make sure that you are comparing apples with apples.

A price is just a number that is useless without details. So pay attention to the details if you are looking for value.

Our testimonials & reviews

If we will write that we are the best wedding photographers for you, you will run away - and you should. However, if you have time to go through the testimonials & reviews of our happy clients, you can find where the real value is in hiring us for your wedding.

Jan and Rochelle truly are amazing and super talented. We are not used to being in front of the camera, but Jan and Rochelle made us feel at ease and some how managed to make us look like we belonged in front of the camera. Their positive, relaxed, fun energy is super contagious. which made it all the more enjoyable as we bounced off each other bringing our laidback carefree nature into the photos. The photos they created were absolutely beautiful and completely us. They captured all our emotions and memories of our special day, in a way that was natural and true to our way of being. Thank you Jan and Rochelle. x - Natalie Smith

Wedding venues

If you are wondering if we have photographed in the venue you have booked for your wedding, know that we are confident to photograph in any venue. It is important to mention that we are also covered by public liability insurance which some venues require from wedding vendors.

More answers about our wedding photography

To help answer some of the questions you may have, we have put together a frequently asked questions page. We are also happy to answer any more questions if you wish to schedule an obligation-free phone call.

Ready to say "I do"?

Why do clients choose us for their wedding?

We ask that question often. Here are some of the answers from our clients: the end, it was between you and one other photographer. He was a little bit cheaper however when we put yours and his photos side by side we just couldn’t justify going with him.

We are all about good feelings when choosing vendors for our wedding and the chemistry was there with you guys from the first phone call.

I was initially looking for someone a little bit more local, but I just couldn’t get that phone call with the photographer from Sydney out of my head and I came back to you because it felt right.

You had really great reviews.

Everybody in your wedding photos looks happy and relaxed. We could tell that they were comfortable with you.

We asked our celebrant on the Northern Beaches about you, he said - If you asked me to recommend a photographer, it would have been them. Rochelle and Jan are awesome, you can book with confidence there.

You photographed my friend's wedding and they couldn’t stop showing me your photos.

We saw how you work at my cousin's wedding and we just knew you are the right photographers for us.

You were the first people we thought of because of what you did for us during our surprise proposal.

I looked at your photos on your website just after I got engaged and thought "wow!" I really liked your photos because they looked beautiful and magical. I showed my fiance straight away and said: I really want to go with these guys! that's why we chose you.

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