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Wedding photography planning

Wedding photography planning

Planning your wedding day photography looks hard. Especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. No, we are not wedding planners, but we will help.

We'll help you with:

Engagement photo session

Your chance to become comfortable with your wedding photographers before your wedding day.

Wedding photography time schedule

So many things on your wedding day need to be coordinated properly and it can be overwhelming. In the following table are the usual photography requests for different stages of your wedding day.

During our pre-wedding consultation, we are looking at your day with you and going through the timesheet of your day to ensure the best photography outcome for you. Don't worry if you don't know where to start - we do.

If you are planning a small registry wedding or an elopement, read this.

Wedding tips & photography tricks

We'll talk with you before your wedding about your worries, questions or insecurities and offer our advice based on our experience. Your wedding will not be our first one and you may find our advice valuable.

When it comes to photography tricks - the majority of the wedding photos we take are captured in a documentary way without interrupting the natural flow of what is happening. However, you may appreciate help or expert advice which will affect how you will look in your photos. Some people who are not familiar with being in front of the camera may feel anxious or nervous. Do you need some help with posing? That's all part of our job to make you look your best and feel comfortable.

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