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We are so proud of our museum-quality products available to you thanks to our connection with our premium supplier.

Wall Art - Queen

If you require custom-designed museum-quality products, this is your print solution. Our premium wall art is available in acrylic, metal & canvas. Each piece is ready to hang and custom-designed with you and together we have fun choosing the finishing materials to match your home. Every photo is fully retouched on request for any wall art order.


  • Highest quality acrylic with an extremely transparent 1/8 inch thick acrylic sheet - resistant and unalterable - available in a shiny Glossy or anti-glare Matte finish.
  • Adhesive layer made from patented material makes an invisible connection between your image and sheet of acrylic.
  • State-of-the-art inkjet printing - 12 fine art inks bring a wealth of detail and colour accuracy.
  • Seamless unibody wooden panel ready to hang.
  • Variety of panel materials and colours.
  • 2.3” or 1.2” thicknessAcrylic


  • Stunning technology - colours are infused by sublimation on the state of the art ChromaLuxe® aluminium plate.
  • Being infused into the substrate, dyes become durable, robust and anti-scratch. Water, grease, dust, even sharp objects are simply not an issue.
  • Seamless unibody wooden panel ready to hang.
  • Choose among 5 different surfaces.
  • Variety of panel materials and colours.
  • 2.3” or 1.2” thicknessMetal


  • A superior quality canvas mounted on a planar element that will never collapse, or allow the canvas to loosen or bulge like other panels on the market.
  • The base for a quality canvas must be natural fibre. Polyester and PVC are poor imitations you can find often on the market.
  • A silky surface, completely anti-glare for deep blacks and rich colours.
  • Archival museum-like quality of certified 12 colours high definition printing.
  • Seamless unibody wooden panel ready to hang.
  • 2.3” or 1.2” thicknessCanvas

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