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Wedding at Bar Beach Bowling Club.

Another wedding in the Newcastle area, another visit of Merewether. After the Merewether Surfhouse, this time we had the opportunity to document a beautiful wedding day at Bar Beach Bowling Club. Great place for an easy-going, relaxed wedding day.

Mind you - the weather did not look inviting at all on the morning of the wedding day. But some higher power above wanted for our wedding couple a lovely day and it was. The weather forecast prediction was talking about a 90 per cent chance of heavy rain but the reality was very likeable - few raindrops during the ceremony and an overall sunny day.

After the wedding ceremony at Bar Beach Bowlo was on our list to do a bridal shoot at Hickson Street Lookout. Views overlooking Burwood Beach are spectacular.

Merewether is only 2 hours in the car from Sydney and it is for us always trip we love to make. We can be your Merewether wedding photographer too.

Check the weather forecast before your wedding in Merewether.

Merewether weather

Location: Bar Beach Bowling Club, 29 Kilgour Ave, Merewether NSW 2291.

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