She loves her. Wedding at Old Government House
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She loves her. Wedding at Old Government House

We love to photograph weddings everywhere, however, there are wedding venues with an extra interesting historical background. One of those venues is Old Government House in Parramatta.

I always like to dig deep in the historical sources, when I do wedding photography in places like this.

I always wonder how did this place look 50 or even 100 or more years ago? It is fascinating to find evidence, which can paint a clear picture about the olden days.

Old Government House, Parramatta & photography
UNESCO World Heritage-listed building as a background of your ceremony photos or sandstone courtyard, old English hedges, long vine-covered verandah, a beautiful garden marquee with views through the trees to the river beyond - that's what Old Government House offers for photography.

In this case, I'll share 2 images I have found.

First one is the artwork by George William Evans - Government House, Parramatta, 1805.

Government House, Parramatta, 1805Government House, Parramatta, 1805 / George William Evans Source: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

George William Evans was a man of many occupations - first and foremost he was a surveyor and explorer, born on 5 January 1780 as the third child and eldest son of William Evans, secretary to the earl of Warwick, of the parish of St James, Westminster, England, and his wife Ann, née Southam. He moved to Australia in October 1802.

Evans was also a farmer, stationer, bookseller...and art teacher or landscape artist. Some of his aquatints and watercolours are held at the Dixson Library of New South Wales.

The second artwork is a photograph of Old Government House Parramatta by John Henry Harvey.

Old Government House, Parramatta by John Henry HarveyOld Government House, Parramatta Author: Harvey, John Henry 1855-1938 Source: State Library Victoria

Harvey has been described as ‘one of the greatest amateur photographers of the 19th Century’. The State Library of Victoria alone holds more than 2,800 of his pictures, very few of which have ever been published.

Location: Old Government House - Cnr Pitt and, Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150.

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